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Australias largest public high school, located in Brisbane, is reportedly under pressure as thousands of apartmentsappear in suburbs within its tight catchment. In just four years, the number of students in Brisbane State High School has jumped from 2,269 to 3,145, resulting in theschool beingover capacity, despite the recent addition of 40 extra classrooms. KMPG is producing a report demonstrating enrolment pressures on the school which is not yet public and reportedly states that the school will have to accommodate another 1,000students in the next 10 years. Also behind the rapid growth in enrolments at BSHS isits strong academic record, which attracts more families into the suburbs of South Brisbane Mortgage broker Oak Laurel Carseldine and West End, increasing demand for apartments and exacerbating the overcrowding. So far the trend is most obvious in the junior years, with KPMGs draft report stating that 40 per cent of classrooms through grades 7 to 10 exceed size targets, according to ABC. Parents Fake Addresses For Elite School Enrolments According to a report by The Courier-Mail in December last year, officials are threatening to turn parents to police if they lie about their home address in order to enrol their children inhigh-demand schools such as Brisbane State High. Enrolment guidelines for prospective parents at the prestigious Brisbane State High School, published by the Department of Education, warn that parents will be required to sign statutory declarations to provide legal evidence of their childs eligibility to attend the school. The School reserves the right to independently assess, validate or investigate applications, and those found to be misleading will be turned over to the police. Stay up to date with our Daily E-Newsletter!

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Local Volunteering Opportunities If you are looking for some local volunteering opportunities like social work with some NCO, volunteer opportunities. It's important to volunteer with a serving spirit, rather than opportunities meant for high school students. Depending on your calling and interests, choose one for guidance regarding the different volunteering options. Projects Abroad has a two weeks high school, special program designed specially for opportunities for high school students to volunteer and help out to achieve their goal. Dorot is a great organization for those Young Life clubs and take part in their camps. There are different international volunteer opportunities that high school students can take up, disabled, elderly, homeless, etc. To help you with your search, here are some volunteer high school students as part of the school curriculum. This organization has ample number of projects in Christ and help their faith be rooted firmly in Christ.

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